Legislator Visit Toolkit

It is critical that our elected officials hear from IHCA members about the current situation faced by long-term care providers. The long-term care sector faces several challenges as we close out 2022, including staffing shortages, low occupancy, cost inflation and a number of other issues. Adequate funding for our sector plays a major role in addressing these challenges, and advocating for Medicaid funding is the top priority of the Iowa Health Care Association as we head into the 2023 Legislative Session. We cannot accomplish this goal alone, and we need help from each one of you to make this happen.

It is crucial that legislators have the opportunity to visit with you directly and to see your facility. This helps our legislators to better understand the current situation in long-term care before making important funding decisions during the next session.

Please use the following resources to schedule a legislator visit to your facility.

1. Invite Your Legislator to Visit Your Facility

  • Find your legislator’s contact information. With redistricting, your legislator may have changed. Check this district map to find your district, and then find your legislator’s contact information here.
  • Email an invitation to your legislator. Use this Sample Email Invitation.
  • Follow up with a personal phone call to ensure the invitation was received and confirm the legislator’s visit. Use this Sample Phone Invitation

2. During the Visit, Make the Case for Funding Needs.

  • Provide the legislator with a tour of your facility, to help convey the advanced care services your facility provides.
  • Discuss with the legislator the funding needs of the profession, and how that funding directly supports your ability to provide care. Use these Sample Talking Points.

3. After the Visit, Send a Thank You.

  • Follow up with a personal thank you note to the legislator to help keep long-term care top of mind for the legislator. Use this Sample Thank You Template.

If you have questions or need further assistance with planning a legislator visit to your facility, please contact the IHCA’s Brandon Hagen.