COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund Overview

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What is the COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund?

IHCA Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund is a fund to assist long-term care providers and their workforce with COVID-19 prevention and mitigation tools and resources.

Why was it established?

Iowa’s long-term care providers care for our elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. These individuals are the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. As a result, COVID-19 has disproportionally impacted those who live in long-term care settings. For these individuals, and for those who care for them, the virus has been especially devastating and has taken a heavy toll.

Yet, even in the face of this challenge, the need for long-term care continues. Our long-term care staff care for their residents as family, putting themselves and their own families at risk to do so. They have had to navigate an ever-evolving and uncertain environment to quickly and courageously implement unprecedented measures to protect their residents from this brutal virus, with limited resources and support.

As the battle with this virus wages on, it is taking both an emotional and financial toll on those who live and work in long-term care. They need our support now more than ever, to help equip them with the tools and resources they need to fight COVID-19.

How can it be used?

Long-term care providers can use the fund to help prevent and mitigate COVID-19 in long-term care based on their organization’s specific needs. Whether it is something to provide additional support to staff working in a COVID-19 isolation unit or purchasing additional protective equipment or screening supplies to prevent the virus from getting into a long-term care setting, this fund is designed to help. It could also be used for resources to facilitate safe patient and family communications or resident activities to mitigate feelings of isolation due to COVID-19.

If you have an idea that will help support long-term care staff and residents impacted by COVID-19, consider applying for IHCA Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Relief funding.

How much funding is available? Requests of up to a maximum of $1,000 per member organization will be accepted as long as funds are available and there is still a need to prevent or mitigate COVID-19. Eligible applications will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Who can apply? How do they apply?

Any member in good standing of the Iowa Health Care Association or its affiliates, Iowa Center for Assisted Living or Iowa Center for Home Care can apply. Members can apply online here (for members only; requires login). Applications will be reviewed and approved each week. Applications received by the end of the day Tuesday each week will be notified by the following Friday on the status of their application.

Who can give? How do they give?

Anyone can help support long-term care providers in Iowa by giving to this fund. The fund was originally established with $20,000 from the IHCA Foundation reserves, and will be available as long as funds last. Additional support is needed to keep the fund going.

All donations are welcome and will allow us to help more long-term care providers as this health care crisis continues. The need for support is great, with over 400 skilled nursing facilities, 200+ assisted living and 120+ home health providers caring for the elderly and vulnerable during this health pandemic. Long-term care workers have a strong history of providing compassionate care for others when they need it most, and now they need our support.

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