Media Advisory Council

Instructions: Please review the information below regarding council commitments and qualifications and complete this form if you are interested in nominating yourself to serve on this council in 2024.

Council membership will be subject to review by the IHCA Executive Committee Chair. To be considered to serve on a council in 2024, nomination forms must be submitted by August 30. Council members selected will be notified by November 2023. Approved council members will begin their term January 2024.

  • Purpose: Serve as local media spokespeople on long-term care issues at the request of IHCA as needed.
  • Membership: Members are appointed by the IHCA SVP of Strategic Communications. Council membership is limited to 18 members per year (one per each major media outlet in the state).
  • Meeting Frequency: No regularly scheduled meetings. Meetings held as needed at the discretion of the SVP of Communications.
  • IHCA Staff LiaisonLori Ristau