HHA Star Rating preview reports now available

Home health agency (HHA) preview reports and Star Rating preview reports for the July 2022 Care Compare refresh are available in iQIES. Instructions for accessing the reports can be found under the March 25, 2022 update here, and any questions about access should be directed to the iQIES Help Desk by phone at 800-339-9313 or by email at iQIES@cms.hhs.gov.

CMS also reminded HHAs that it had previously identified an issue in the iQIES system that may have affected HHA’s Services Provided values that are displayed on the HHA provider preview reports that were distributed in iQIES on Feb. 23, 2022. CMS asked HHAs to review the Services Provided information on the HHA provider preview reports for the April 2022 refresh and contact their OASIS Education Coordinator (OEC) or OASIS Automation Coordinator, should inaccuracies be identified. The process to collect and maintain the Services Provided information recently migrated into iQIES, and CMS is addressing the issues identified.

To allow time to complete the identified changes, CMS decided to publish the same Services Provided data for each HHA for the April 2022 refresh that was posted on Care Compare for the January 2022 refresh.

CMS is still urging HHA providers to carefully review the Services Provided data within the preview reports release on Feb. 23, 2022. If the values are incorrect for your agency, please contact your State Automation or State OEC and request an update of your Services Provided data in iQIES. For questions, contact the iQIES Help Desk at 800-339-9313. CMS will continue to work to refine and rectify the update process moving forward.