Activity Manager

General Job Summary:
Demonstrates and promotes leadership and provides oversight of Activities by building relationships, acting with integrity and humility, modeling the way, listening with the intent to be influenced and embracing change.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Activities Manager is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities which are considered essential functions of the position:
 Cultivates relationships with residents, families, staff, and visitors, fosters a vibrant work environment/culture and promotes Fountain Health Centers’ mission, vision, values and goals.
 Organizes and supervises the volunteer program – recruits and trains volunteers.
 Plans, organizes, and directs or carry’s out an innovative, diverse program of activities which will provide entertainment, inter-communication, exercise, relaxation, opportunity to express creative talent, and fulfill basic psychological, social, and spiritual needs. Makes activities available to all residents as ordered by the residents’ physicians, while subject to written restrictions and limitations.
 Initiates and promotes activities within and outside Fountain Health Centers to stimulate and promote resident interest and general well being.
 Encourages hobbies and provides materials and supplies in keeping with residents’ financial status and budget constraints. Encourages all activities among resident groups or individually.
 Encourages social communication among residents through group activities and recreation – plans parties, provides games and encourages residents to assist in the planning. Schedules outside activities and arranges transportation and supervision.
 Encourages residents to participate in religious activities to fulfill their basic spiritual needs through visits with chaplain, attendance at religious services when ever possible, spiritual reading material, etc.
 Encourages intellectual/educational development through literature, lectures, movies, cultural events, current events, and other mentally stimulating activities.
 Implements one-on-one activity programs for residents unable to participate in group activities.
 Assists in coordinating public relations and social functions for the facility.
 Provides Braille reading material, tapes, and records for blind residents.
 Contacts relatives at the resident’s request and may act as liaison with relatives.
 Maintains a record of residents’ activities and participation – writes progress notes and chart them as often as required. Maintain patient files and complete required MDS section(s). Prepare and submit reports as directed by the Director of Resident and Family Services and/or Administrator.
 Requisitions and purchases supplies, equipment, and materials to carry out programs within budgetary constraints. Maintains inventory records.
 Ensures a neat and clean work environment.
 Responsible for the training and orientation of new department employees and volunteers.
 Conducts facility in-service education as appropriate or as requested by the Director of Resident and Family Services and/or Administrator.
 Attends and participates in daily Stand-up and other meetings deemed necessary to attend.
 Remains current in the field of Activities through publications, workshops, and institutes.
 Maintains resident information and Fountain West internal affairs in strict confidence.
 Education
o Associates or Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services, Psychology, Social Work or a related field preferred. High school diploma or G.E.D. required. Must have completed or be eligible for the state approved Activities Coordinator orientation course. Must be able to read, write, speak, and follow oral and written communication in English.
 Continuous Education
o It is the responsibility of the Activities Manager to meet all continuous education requirements whether internal or external mandated by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.
 Work Experience
o Minimum of two years’ experience in a health care setting or similar work preferred.
Physical Activity Requirements:
 Lifting Requirements
o The Activities Manager is frequently called upon to lift items up to 10 pounds. The Activities Manager occasionally will be called upon to life objects between 10 and 25 pounds. Lifting in excess of 25 pounds is not required.
 Carrying Requirements
o The Activities Manager is frequently called upon to carry items up to 10 pounds. The Activities Manager will occasionally will be called upon to carry objects between 10 and 25 pounds. Carrying in excess of 25 pounds is not required.
 Sight Requirements
o The Activities Manager is required to have 20/20 correct vision.
 Hearing Requirements
o The Activities Manager is required to have normal range of hearing, as corrected

 Socialization Requirements
o The Activities Manager must possess the ability to get along and socialize with others. In addition, the Activities Manager will come into regular contact with residents, guests, and employees from other departments. Good communication skills are essential. The Activities Manager must have patience, tact, cheerful disposition, and enthusiasm. The Activities Manager must be able to deal with residents based on varying levels of function.
 Other Physical Requirements
o The Activities Manage will regularly be required to stand, sit, and walk. The Activities Director will occasionally be called upon for squatting, kneeling, bending, and crouching.

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