Dietary Cook

Duties and responsibilities

The Cook/Dietary Aide is responsible for a number of duties as listed below. All of these duties are essential, unless otherwise noted:

• Report to work when scheduled.
• Carry out and follow all facility personnel policies.
• Perform and satisfactorily complete all daily assignments.
• Remain on the assigned unit, leaving only for break, lunch, or with the express permission of the supervisor.
• Notify the charge nurse of any change in a resident’s condition.
• Participate in all in-service training and meetings as required.
• Follow department safety rules.
• Prepare foods according to standardized recipes in the correct amount needed.
• Operate cooking equipment, kitchen utensils, and dish washing equipment.
• Set up food in steam tables and serve food according to the menu and portion control guidelines.
• Remain current in food preparation, modified diets, sanitation, and meal service.
• Cooperate in keeping entire kitchen clean and in order at all times.
• Keep own work area straightened and clean to aid in efficiency of work performed.
• Keep tableware clean. Discard broken and chipped tableware.
• Report equipment repairs needed to the Food Services Supervisor.
• Prevent food waste.
• Pour beverages (juice, milk, cocoa, coffee, tea) and serve on trays at correct temperature, neatly, and in amounts called for at the proper time.
• Fill orders for between meal nourishment.
• Prepare and serve salads, fruits, dry cereals, and cold breads on trays at proper time, attractively, and at correct temperature.
• Wrap flatware in napkins.
• Set up trays for meals.
• Assist with tray service to patients in dining area and pick up dirty trays after meal is served.
• Wipe dining tables following meals.
• Assemble, prepare for washing, and wash dishes. Store clean dishes in proper place.
• Assist with general cleaning and food preparation tasks as needed.
• Maintain daily care of dishwasher and dish washing area, lavatory and sink, salad work table, dish storage cabinet, and food carts.
• Clean trash cans biweekly.
• Assist with care of floors in kitchen by sweeping and/or mopping at a time when food is not being prepared or served.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Food Services Supervisor.
• Assist with resident transports for scheduled appointments and outings when applicable.

Knowledge, abilities, skills The Cook/Dietary Aide must have the following:

• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Be able to read, write and follow standardized recipes in English.
• Be able to work with others.
• Be able to lift and carry up to 40 lbs.
• Be able to work holidays, weekends, and all shifts as scheduled.
• An interest in working with the elderly and handicapped.
• A clean and neat appearance.
• Be able to complete courses approved by the State Department of Health in Food Safety and Food preparation.

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