Director of Assisted Living-Spurgeon Manor

Job Description: Director of Assisted Living at Spurgeon Manor

Essential Functions:
Compliance and Policy Management:
Ensure compliance with administrative policies, federal, state, and local regulations.
Oversee personnel management, aligning with CEO and Spurgeon Manor Board-approved positions.
Admission and Facility Management:
Direct admission procedures and coordinate room assignments.
Communicate equipment needs, repairs, and new construction requirements.
Maintain property, anticipate maintenance needs, and ensure proper equipment operation.
Leadership and Delegation:
Delegate responsibilities to department supervisors.
Cultivate positive public relations for Spurgeon Assisted Living.
Performance Evaluation and Inventory Control:
Evaluate personnel performance annually.
Maintain inventory control and appropriate supply levels.
Safety, Risk Management, and Reporting:
Monitor and mitigate adverse events, ensuring a hazard-free environment.
Implement a culture-of-safety program.
Participate in the comprehensive event reporting system, analyzing data with other SM leadership.
Investigations and Standards:
Oversee adverse event investigations and maintain investigational procedures.
Serve as a risk management resource, promoting safety initiatives.
Personal Qualifications:
Hold a relevant degree or equivalent experience.
Completed Assisted Living Managers Certification or Iowa nursing home administrator’s license.
Must be a Registered Nurse (R.N.).
Ability to handle stress, relate well to people, and possess strong analytical and organizational skills.
Fluent in English, with a strong commitment to self-improvement.
Preferably, two years of multi-level long-term care experience.
Project high moral standards.
Perform additional duties assigned by CEO and Spurgeon Manor Board of Directors.

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Spurgeon Manor

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Sarah Rabinowitz




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