Director of Nursing

Job Title: Director of Nursing Services Department: Nursing Services
Supervisor: Administrator/Executive Director Position(s) Supervised: Nursing
FLSA Classification: Exempt Revision Date: 07/08/2016
General Job Summary:
Demonstrates and promotes participative leadership and provides oversight of the nursing department by building relationships, acting with integrity and humility, modeling the way, listening with the intent to be influenced and embracing change.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Director of Nursing is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities which are considered essential functions of the position.
Duties and Responsibilities
 Cultivates relationships with residents, families, staff, and visitors, fosters a vibrant work environment/culture and promotes Fountain Health Center’s mission, vision, values and goals.
 Establishes administration, procedure, and control of medications under direction of pharmacist.
 Assists in providing for the spiritual, psychological, and social needs of patients.
 Serves as consultant on admitting and discharge policies and procedures.
 Identifies and solves departmental and personnel problems.
 Responsible for execution of patient care policies.
 Assesses supply and equipment needs for nursing department and sees that units are adequately stocked and maintained.
 Sustains the appearance of nursing areas; regularly inspects units for sanitation, order, safety and proper working condition of equipment
 Performs duties of Staff Nurse whenever and wherever required.
 Accepts on-call for emergencies that the Charge Nurses and/or Case Managers cannot resolve.
 Establishes an employee health program and assists in the establishment of a disaster, fire and safety program in cooperation with the Administrator. Assures proper handling and emergency care of patients, personnel and visitors involved in accidents while on the job or in the building.
 Maintains required records; reviews, up-dates and revises policies, procedures, job descriptions to meet current objectives and standards.
 Maintains reference library of written nursing materials and laws governing nursing care.
 Advises and consults with the Administrator on nursing administration and patient care, prepares and submits required reports, and maintains statistics as directed.
 Attends and participates in daily Stand-up, weekly Medicare meetings, Marketing meetings, Management meetings and other meetings deemed necessary to attend.
 Advocates for Fountain Health Centers through public relations and by maintaining relationships with other Nursing Service Directors.
 Keeps current in the field of nursing through attendance to meetings, conferences, conventions and workshops; reading current literature pertaining to all aspects of patient care and rehabilitation.
 Develops and maintains nursing objectives and standards; establishing policies and procedures; writing job descriptions.
 Plans, directs, and supervises nursing functions and personnel.
 Upholds compliance with federal and state code for nursing services.
 Develops total patient care plans for individual patients.
 Other duties as assigned by the Administrator/Executive Director.
 General Qualifications
o Good physical and mental health.
o Sound judgment and high moral standards.
o Sincere desire to work with the aged and those with limited capacity for self-care.
o Ability to organize, plan, and supervise nursing service departments.
o Ability to incorporate all aspects of nursing in total patient care plans.
o Must be well-groomed, courteous, tactful, patient, kind and pleasant when dealing with patients.
o Must be level-headed in emergency situations.
o Must have an acute sense of responsibility.
o Must possess a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm in order to create an atmosphere conducive to rehabilitation and growth.
 Education
o Graduate of an approved school of nursing.
o Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with courses in nursing administration preferred.
o Must have current licensure in the state of Iowa or the ability to attain licensure.
 Continuous Education
o Keeps current in the field of nursing through attendance at meetings, conferences, conventions, and workshops; reading current literature pertaining to all aspects of patient care and restoration/rehabilitation; maintaining membership in professional organization.
 Work Experience
o Minimum of 2-years supervisory experience in a hospital or post-acute care facility, including geriatric and/or psychiatric nursing.
o Training in rehabilitative and restorative nursing care.

Physical Activity Requirements:
 Lifting Requirements
o The Director of Nursing may frequently be called upon to assist with transfer of residents and lifting of equipment and supplies.
 Carrying Requirements
o The Director of Nursing is regularly called upon to carry objects including charts and equipment. The Director of Nursing occasionally will be called upon to carry equipment and supplies.
 Sight Requirements
o The Director of Nursing is required to have 20/20 correct vision.
 Hearing Requirements
o The Director of Nursing is required to have normal range of hearing, as corrected
 Other Physical Requirements

Working Conditions:
 Must communicate with medical staff, other department heads, nursing personnel, and patients and their relatives.
 Subject to frequent interruptions and called upon frequently to handle patient issues.

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