Fulltime Dietary Supervisor Manager


The primary functions and responsibilities of this position are as follows: Additional duties may be
added as necessary to meet the needs of the facility. You will be evaluated on your ability to
perform these functions competently with minimal supervision and/or reminders.

1) Plan diets and menus for review by the dietary consultant.
2) Implement diets and menus approved by the dietary consultant.
3) Assure nutritional assessments/reassessments and care plans are initiated, completed,
implemented and maintained consistent with established procedures and timelines.

4) Participate in interdisciplinary care plan conferences; integrate nutritional plans of care
with others; coordinate closely with the Nursing Department via regular communication
with DON.
5) Document the dietary component of residents’ care plans.
6) Implement the dietary component of residents’ assessments and care plans.
7) Document each resident’s progress toward care plan goals.
8) Review and revise each resident’s care plan as necessary.
9) Assess residents’ nutritional status and nutritional needs and document in medical
record. In conjunction with consultant dietitian, monitor and record changes to
nutritional status/needs of residents; adjust recipes/menus to meet needs.
10) On weekly basis, review weight and food/fluid consumption, and report to consultant
dietitian and DON; make recommendations/revisions in nutritional plan.
11) Maintain procedure/instruction manual specific to department; assure correct
procedures are implemented in preparation and serving of food and result in correct
quality, quantity, temperature, and appearance of food served.
12) Develop standards for and assure purchase of high quality food items, and proper storage
and handling/preparation according to health and sanitation guidelines.
13) Assume responsibility for Dietary Department compliance with regulations governing
long-term care; act as primary liason with federal and state survey agencies regarding
dietary servies.
14) Supervise food preparation and service.
15) Perform simple arithmetic and units of measurement conversions used in food
16) Interview residents and determine specific dietary needs and preferences.
17) Inform and educate residents regarding therapeutic diets.
18) Maintain records of residents’ profiles, meal census, menus, diet cardex, diet roster,
diets served and purchase records.
19) Maintain file of standardized recipes.
20) Work with administration and the Activity Department to plan menus and provide special
foods for parties and/or other scheduled programs.
21) Maintain menus for required retention period.
22) Plan food substitutions for residents who refuse or are unable to eat food served.
23) Receive, investigate, and resolve concerns about food services from residents/families
in accordance with positive customer relations principles.
24) Assure adequate policies and procedures are in place to manage emergency situations
or “systems breakdowns” with minimal negative impact on food service to residents.
25) Establish and maintain a perpetual food/supplies inventory, immediately correcting
discrepancies or shortages.
26) Perform any food service task necessary to provision of meals according to schedule
and standards of practice; “cover” for absent staff if unable to find a replacement.
27) To assure resident safety
28) Receive direction from the Nursing Home Administrator on overall QAPI objectives for the
29) Be knowledgeable in data collection, data analysis methodology, and performace improvement
methods needed to support and lead performance improvement projects
30) Identify opportunities for improvement through analysis of data, observation of operations,
and consultation with leadership and staff
31) Collaborate with the quality committee and senior leaders to prioritize and develop QAPI efforts
32) Lead performance improvement projects and provide education and coaching in order to build
needed skills in others to lead PIPs.
33) Participate in mulitdisciplinary QAPI activities

1) Oversee/direct/coordinate the development and implementation of dietary department
objectives, performance standards, and policy and procedure.
2) Evaluate need and recommend to the administrator the number and level of dietary
personnel to be employed.
3) Recruit, hire, train, assign, evaluate performance, discipline, recommend termination of
dietary staff in accordance with laws, regulations, and company employee relations
policy and procedure.
4) Direct and monitor deployment of dietary personnel; assure schedules are adjusted as
needed to provide adequate staff levels on duty.
5) Communicate daily with dietary personnel at all levels, providing clear, concise
information and feedback as well as specfic assignments; conduct staff meetings
regularly for purposes of planning, coordinating and implementing dietary policies and
6) Assure implementation of effective educational programs for dietary personnel in
accordance with applicable regulations, professional standards, and company policy;
assure adequate new employee orientation and on-job training, and compliance with
federal and state training requirements, i.e.; OSHA and OBRA.
7) Implement effective employee relations as a tool for increasing retention/decreasing
8) Monitor staff performance of duties, adherence to policy and procedure, and compliance
with occupational safety procedures; investigate incidents/injuries and non-compliance;
take corrective action as needed.


1) Assist Administrator in planning the dietary department budget; operate department
within budget and spending plan established.
2) Assess equipment, supply, and space needs and make recommendations to the
3) Direct allocation of, and establish guidelines for, efficient economical utilization of
dietary department equipment, supplies, and space.
4) Purchase or requisition food and supplies.
5) Supervise the receiving and storage of food.


1) Observe and abide by all HIPPA rules and regulations to ensure that personal health
information is protected during its collection, use, disclosure, storage and destruction
within Prairie View; and to ensure only the minimum necessary information is known
to function in this position.
2) Follow oral and written instructions.
3) Observe all facility safety policies and procedures.
4) Be responsible for the safety of residents under his/her dietary supervision.
5) Accept assigned duties in a cooperative manner.
6) Assume accountability for data contained in the employees’ handbook.
7) Perform all duties assigned in an effective, timely and professional manner.
8) Observe infection control procedures.
9) Follow Residents’ Rights policies at all times.
10) Perform other related duties as directed by the Administrator.
11) Come to work in neat, clean attire and consistently present an appropriate professional
12) Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality.
13) Consistently work cooperatively with residents’ representatives, facility staff, physicians,
consultants and ancillary service providers.

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