Overnight or Afternoon Part-time CNA


Prairie View Campus is a five-star facility offering a continuum of care. At Prairie View Campus we show great appreciation for our staff, knowing we couldn’t take care of our beloved residents without them. All positions are extremely important and change the daily lives of the elderly throughout our campus.

1)Perform resident care techniques and procedures according to certification instruction and instruction from supervisor and/or charge nurse.
2) Identify resident problems and concerns and report them immediately to the charge nurse or D.O.N. Observe and report change in medical condition, resistance to care, special problems or unusual incidents regarding residents.
3) Provide ADL assistance to residents as determined by the care plan, including, but not limited to toileting, bathing, dressing, eating, and ambulating.
4) Assure residents have call lights at hand and answer call lights promptly.
5) Conduct rounds as assigned and perform bed checks. Change and reposition residents as needed.
6) Complete documentation accurately, timely and following facility policies and procedures.
7) Utilize special equipment in a safe and effective manner based on training received on each piece of equipment during training shifts.
8) Be responsible for the safety of residents under his/her supervision.
9) Assume personal responsibility for following facility procedures related to control of equipment and supplies within the facility.
10) Identify safety hazards and emergency situations, and initiate corrective action.
11) Perform other related duties as directed by his/her supervisor.
12) To assure resident safety
11) Recognize your role as part of the QAPI efforts of your organization
12) Attend trainings to build understanding and capacity to undertake QAPI work
13) Carry out QAPI roles and responsibilities as assigned
14) Follow established policies and procedures in support of QAPI efforts
15) Look for and share with leadership ideas for improvement in the organization
16) Communicate to leadership upon witnessing a positive outcome of a QAPI project or detecting barriers preventing project success
17) Support QAPI efforts both verbally and non-verbally (i.e., via actions and attitude), including adjusting performance and practice in accordance with QAPI initiatives and findings.

1) Observe and abide by all HIPAA rules and regulations to ensure that personal health information is protected. Ensure that only the minimum necessary information is known to function in this position.
2) Follow written and oral directions from Supervisor, Charge Nurse and/or Administrator.
3) Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility information. Follow Residents’ Rights policies at all times.
4) Listen to resident and family questions and complaints in a calm, concerned manner, controlling emotions such as anger and frustration.
5) Respond to inappropriate behaviors exhibited by residents in a manner consistent with the care plan or established procedures, and which safeguards residents rights.
5)Come to work in a clean, neat uniform. Present an appropriate professional appearance consistently. Work as scheduled and comply with the Attendance Policy.
6)Work cooperatively with residents, charge nurses, other C.N.A.’s, consultant personnel and other facility staff members.
7) Attend all in-service classes as assigned. Participate in team meetings as assigned.
8) Assume accountability for compliance with Federal, State, and other regulations within scope of control and of which informed. Observe infection control procedures.
9) Observe all facility policies and procedures.
10) Perform all duties assigned in an effective, timely and professional manner.
11) Perform other related duties as directed by his/her supervisor.

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