Part-time Overnight RN/LPN


The primary functions and responsibilities of this position are as follows. Additional duties may
be added as necessary to meet the needs of the facility. You will be evaluated on your ability
to perform these functions competently with minimal supervision and/or reminders.

1) Follow established standards of nursing practices and implement facility policies
and procedures.

2) Assume responsibility for unit/shift staff compliance with rules, regulations, standards
of practice and facility policy and procedure; assure that residents receive needed
nursing care and services on that shift, according to plans of care and physicians’
3) Interpret existing policies and procedures, rules and regulations to nursing assistants,
restorative nursing assistants, residents, families, physicians and agency personnel.
4) Supervise and evaluate all direct resident care and initiate corrective action as necessary.
5) Document resident care provided and resident’s response or lack of response to
care provided.
6) Obtain report from nurse being relieved and record sufficient information to implement
appropriate follow-up action as necessary.
7) Provide report to nurse coming on duty, including sufficient information for follow-up
action as necessary.
8) Take appropriate action to assure adequate staffing to meet residents’ needs.
9) Conduct resident rounds daily, reporting problems to nursing supervisor and initiating
corrective action.
10) Identify resident problems and emergency situation and initiate emergency care and
“life-saving” measures in the absence of a physician.
11) Provide supervision to Nursing Assistant providing direct resident care.
12) Follow staffing guidelines and make nursing assignments according to qualifications
of staff and characteristics of the resident population.
13) Plan daily work assignments and schedule based on residents’ needs and available
resources, effectively communicate to unit/shift staff, DON, and care staff, and monitors
staff compliance with assignments and schedule.
14) Counsel and monitor staff’s work behavior and performance of assigned duties an
recommend disciplinary action to the DON, when necessary.
15) Participate in the employee evaluation process by providing information on the
performance of unit/shift staff.
16) Administer and document direct resident care, medications, external/parenternal
nutritional and treatments per physicians’ orders and accurately record all care
provided; administer or approve administration of PRN medications and treatments.
17) Provide instruction and corrective re-instruction to staff concerning quality of care
and quality of life issues, and customer service/positive image issues.
18) Perform and document comprehensive assessment of residents, or parts of
comprehensive assessments, as assigned.
19) Develop and implement an accurate comprehensive care plan based on each resident’s
needs and his/her comprehensive assessment.
20) Utilize head-toe assessment in completing assessments.
21) Promptly report changes in residents’ conditions to the physician, Director of Nursing
and responsible party, according to regulations and facility policy, and take follow-up
action as necessary.
22) Follow facility admission procedures and regulations and communicate resident
admission to other departments, physicians and ancillary service providers.
23) Competently perform basic nursing skills.
24) Check meal trays and nourishment to ensure proper diet is served and residents are
assisted as necessary.
25) Supervise the application and removal of all restraints and devices used to position and
enable residents to function as independently as possible.
26) Order, receive and store medications appropriately.
27) Monitor/control administration of medications according to applicable regulations.

28) Notify physician, when necessary, of changes in residents’ conditions, weight,
medication errors, medication errors, medication not available, abnormal laboratory/
X-Ray results and any other unusual observations.
29) Document resident progress notes as required.
30) Document daily notes on unstable residents, Medicare residents and recently admitted
31) Follow facility discharge/transfer procedure and coordinate discharge/transfer with other
departments, physicians and ancillary service providers.
32) Complete documentation related to the resident’s discharge/transfer.
33) Supervise response to resident’s call for assistance.
34) Listen to resident, family, or physician concerns and initiate corrective action and/or
report concerns to the DON.
35) Receive, investigate, and resolve or report to higher authority concerns from residents
and/or families in accordance with positive customer relations principles.
36) Count narcotics, check emergency kit and exchange keys.
37) Identify staff needs for training and reports to DON and assist as directed.
38) Monitor condition of equipment, supplies and space; report needs to DON and suggest
39) Maintain cooperation and coordination between nursing personnel and other facility
departments in order to provide quality care, quality of life and clean, safe, comfortable
surroundings for residents.
40) To assure resident safety
41) Recognize your role as part of the QAPI efforts of your organization
42) Attend trainings to build understanding and capacity to undertake QAPI work
43) Carry out QAPI roles and responsibilities as assigned
44) Follow established policies and procedures in support of QAPI efforts
45) Look for and share with leadership ideas for improvement in the organization
46) Communicate to leadership upon witnessing a positive outcome of a QAPI project or detecting
barriers preventing project success
47) Support QAPI efforts both verbally and non-verbally (i.e., via actions and attitude), including
adjusting performance and practice in accordance with QAPI initatives and findings.


1) Observe and abide by all HIPAA rules and regulations to ensure that personal health
information is protected during its collection, use, disclosure, storage and destruction
and to ensure only the minimum necessary information is known to function in this
2) Maintain strict confidentiality of resident, employee and other facility business information.
3) Assume responsibility and function as an in-house expert on compliance with federal,
state, and local regulations and professional code of ethics governing nursing service
within the assigned unit.
4) Consistently work cooperatively with residents, nursing staff, physicians, families,
consultant personnel, community agencies and ancillary service providers.
5) Identify safety hazards and initiate corrective action immediately.
6) Follow, supervise and evaluate implementation of the Residents’ Rights program.
7) Participate in facility education programs.
8) Attend and participate in staff meetings, interdisciplinary team meetings, rehabilitation
meetings, in-service classes, and committee meetings.
9) Obtain continuing education as related to long term care as required to maintain licensure.
10) Observe all facility safety policies and procedures.
11) Come to work in a clean, neat uniform and consistently present an appropriate
professional appearance.
12) Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality,
complies with Attendance Policy.
13) Assume accountability for data contained in the employee handbook.
14) Accept and perform all duties, instructions, or correction in a cooperative manner,
voicing concerns or disagreement in a professional manner through established chain
of authority according to stated procedures.
15) Assume accountability for using, maintaining and storing facility property according to
established procedures.
16) Utilize the use of mechanical lift per facility policy.
17) Adhere to and enforces facility policies and procedures including but not limited to:
infection control, safety, resident rights, and chain of authority.
18) Adhere to universal precautions of body fluids per facility policy.
19) Observe infection control procedures.
20) Follow Residents’ Rights policies at all times.
21) Be responsible for the safety of residents under his/her supervision.
22) Observe all facility policies and procedures.
23) Perform other related duties and projects as directed by his/her supervisor.

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