Nations Photo Lab PPE

Email from Nations Photo Lab:

Nations Photo Lab realized that they can make an impact on the effort to defeat covid-19 by repurposing their photo facility and mass manufacturing face shields to distribute to hospitals around the country.

NPL is currently producing the face shields themselves at their facility in Baltimore, MD. Their face shields have been ANSI z87.1 certified. You can find documentation here: ANSI z87.1 Certification for NPL.

In addition to face shields, NPL can also source the following PPE:

  • NIOSH N95
  • KN95
  • 3-ply Masks

We have procured significant volumes of the above PPE for many state agencies, municipalities, hospitals, and more all over the United States (over 100 hospitals!).

Certifications, documentation, pricing, and pictures can be provided upon request.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead, we are committed to doing everything we can to support those who are risking their lives for us, and who are desperate to protect themselves so they can continue to care for American people. If your organization is in need of these face shields, feel free to call or email Michael Jaskulsky at Nations Photo Lab anytime (including weekends/nights).

Text or call: 410-456-7699. Email: