Vendors With PPE Supplies

Vendors With PPE Supplies

IHCA is merely providing this list as an additional resource. We are not endorsing these vendors, and we do not guarantee these providers’ ability to meet the specific order request nor their ability to supply PPE. Please contact these vendors individually to make arrangements.

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Company / Website Contact Supplies Offered AHCA/NCAL List ISU CIRS List State Master Contract Vendor IHCA Associate Member
American Athletic Steve Kohl at or 515-386-3125 Cloth masks, fabric gowns Yes
As Soon As Possible, Inc. Disposable face shields Yes
ASI Iowa Bryce Carlson at 515-577-4930 or Face shields Yes
BDI Signs Marcie Bowser at 847-414-4898 or Face shields Yes
Broadway Relief Project Jeff Whiting at 646-661-1866 or Gowns Yes
BYD Care Sam Kang at or call 626-234-3838 Face masks Yes
China Iowa Group Li Zhao, Level 1 masks and gowns
Classic Window Treatments Susan Genz at or 515-287-2426 Cloth masks Yes
Community Attire Masks, gowns and gloves Yes
Dickson Industries David Dickson at or 515-262-8061 Fabric gowns Yes
Dimensional Group Adam Gold at 641-423-8931 or Face shields Yes
Direct Supply Email, or call 800-634-7328 Masks, gloves, goggles, gowns, sanitizer and more. Yes
Doerfer Mark Lavallee at 319-483-4733 or Face shields Yes
Doran & Ward Packaging Sheri Ertz at 319-754-5359 Face shields Yes
Envision Tees Tom Rauen at or 563-584-8000 Cloth masks Yes
Fastenal Disposable 3-ply masks, disposable gowns, gloves and disinfecting products Yes
Fire Farm Adam Pollock at 563-245-3515 or Face shields Yes
Fisher Scientific Disposable 3-ply masks, disposable gowns, gloves and disinfecting products Yes
Ford Motor Company Ford’s PPE selection can be viewed here. To create an account and purchase PPE from Ford, click here. Face shields, gowns and masks Yes
Fox River Mills Brad Ballentine at or 800-247-1815 Cloth masks Yes
Grace Engineered Products Drew Allen at 563-650-4051 or Face shields Yes
Grainger Disposable 3-ply masks, disposable gowns, gloves and disinfecting products Yes
Hillard Heintze Andrew Davis at or 773-680-1627 Vendor due diligence for large quantity PPE orders Yes
HNI Corporation Janet Homewood at homewoodj@hnicorp.comor 563-299-7257 Cloth masks, fabric gowns Yes
Home Depot Disposable 3-ply masks, gloves and disinfecting products Yes
HPSI Purchasing Services 800-223-4774 or Contact vendor to learn more Yes
Hy-Capacity Molly Varangkounh at or


Cloth masks, fabric gowns Yes
independent Dental Solutions Smaller PPE orders Yes
Interstate Graphics* Complete Order Form Face shields Yes
John Boyt Industrial Sewing Matt Boyt at or 515-270-7031 Cloth masks Yes
Lebeda Mattress Factory Todd Petersen at or 319-377-3738 Cloth masks, fabric gowns Yes
Lowes Home Centers, Inc. Disposable 3-ply masks, gloves and disinfecting products Yes
M Plus Order at or call Mark at 301-279-8780 N95s, Disposable CPE Gowns, and level 2, 3 ply ear loop masks Yes
Martin Brothers 319-273-9773 or Contact vendor to learn more Yes
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Disposable Face Shields Yes
McKesson 800-654-0418 Prioritizing current customers based on an allocation system that utilizes historical usage to protect and maximize inventories and supplies. Contact your McKesson Account Manager or Customer Services to check product availability. Yes Yes
Medline Industries Face masks, gloves and gowns Yes Yes
Metalcraft Kyle Bermel at 641-428-9102 or Face shields Yes
Menards Disposable 3-ply masks, gloves and disinfecting products Yes
MIP Gowns Yes
Molded Products Sheri Tyrrel at 800-435-8957 or Face shields Yes
Office Depot Disposable 3-ply masks, disinfecting products Yes
Old South Trading Company Visit, or contact Old South Trading Co. via email at, or by phone at 864-706-0577 Level 1, 2 & 3 surgical masks, KN95s, NIOSH Approved N95s, surgical and isolation gowns, medical grade infrared thermometers, etc. Yes
Phelps Custom Image Wear Scott Carpenter at 515-491-3673 or Cloth masks Yes
Polo Custom Products Brian Weber at or 319-465-5435 Cloth masks, fabric gowns Yes
Powerfilm Brad Scandrett at 515-292-7606 ext.101 or Face shields Yes
Powers Manufacturing Co Scott Klieman at or 319-233-6118 ex. 129 Cloth masks, fabric gowns Yes
PPE USA Supply Company Online Ordering: or email: Surgical masks, KN95s, PCR RNA2 Hour Detection Tests, Disposable Gowns, Washable Gowns, Gloves, Face Shields, etc. Yes
Safeware Disposable 3-ply masks, disposable gowns, gloves and disinfecting products Yes
Sanford Dynamic Dental Order though their website at For questions, please call Summer Sterling Grisamore at 478-254-8168 or Sanitizers, masks, disposable gowns, acrylic barrier shields and wall/floor social distancing graphics Yes
Saturn Five Health Small orders of PPE Yes
Seat King Craig Daniel at or 620-665-5464 Fabric gowns Yes
Sink Paper & Packaging Gloves and disinfecting products Yes
Staples Advantage Disposable 3-ply masks and disinfecting products Yes
Techman Sales, Inc. Call Techman Sales Inc. at 419-884-0525. For questions and additional information, contact David Baldridge at Medical masks and KN95 respirators Yes
The Easterseals National Office in Chicago Marcy Traxler at Masks, sanitizer and gloves Yes
The Graphic Edge Bill Schenkelberg at or


Cloth masks Yes
The PPE Warehouse Disposable Face Shields Yes
Turenne PharMedCo Medical supplies Yes
TwinMed or Reusable gown and mask options, gloves, testing products, disinfection, equipment, respiratory supplies, thermometers, etc. Yes
University of Iowa Protostudios Face shields Yes
U.S. Nameplate Co. Thomas A. McColley at 810-210-5764 or Face shields Yes
Veridian Fire Protective Gear Bill Van Lent at or 712-262-5200  Fabric gowns Yes
Winnebago Industries Chad Reece at or 641-585-6647 Cloth masks, fabric gowns Yes