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To report positive patient test for COVID-19: Notify DIA by calling 515-242-5202 which is the Complaint Division who will take the information, or you can email Barb Rasmussen at: barbara.rasmussen@dia.iowa.gov

Home Health Crisis Response Kit


Member Provider COVID-19 Update Conference Calls

Call-in code is emailed to members prior to each call.

Members can also login to our Member Portal to get the call-in code here.

Home Health Member COVID-19 Update Call:
Second Thursday Every Month | 2 p.m.


Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Health Care Personnel – Updated 09/23/22

CDC COVID-19 Immunization Schedule

Home Health Vaccine Mandate Checklist 1-19-22

IHCA/ICAL/ICHC Vaccination Mandate Guidance Summary – Updated 01/18/22

ICHC Webinar Materials

Home Health and COVID-19 PowerPoint – posted 4/16/20

CMS QSO-20-18-HHA– posted 4/16/20

MS: Home Health Agencies: CMS Flexibilities to Fight COVID-19 –posted 4/16/20

IME Informational Letter No. 2126-MC-FFS-D-CVD – posted 4/16/20


Admissions & Discharges Communications Emergency Preparedness Response Infection Control (Surveys, PPE)

COVID-19 Home Visit Checklist– 4/24/20

Focused Infection Control Survey

ICHC COVID-19 Focused Infection Control Audit Tool – 1/14/21

CMS QSO 21-08-NLTC – Revised COVID-19 Focused Infection Control Survey Tool for Acute and Continuing Care – 12/30/20

ICHC – Questions Asked During DIA Infection Control Survey (HH) – 4/15/20

DIA – Summary of the COVID-19 Focused Survey for Acute and Continuing Care Providers (AL/HH) – 4/7/20


IHCA PPE Vendor Vetting Best Practices – 8/5/20

Vendors With PPE Supplies – last updated 8/4/20

IHCA: PPE Guidance for Long-term Care Employees – updated 7/7/10

University of Southern Maine’s Cutler Institute PPE Training Program and Flyer– 5/19/10

FDA COVID-19 Update: FDA Continues to Combat Fraudulent COVID-19 Medical Products – 5/7/20

IDPH PPE Shortage Order – updated 4/25/20CDC Strategies to Optimize the Supply of PPE and Equipment

CDC PPE Resource Information – 4/10/20

AHCA PPE Donning Guidance -4/7/20

AHCE PPE Donning Posters – 4/7/20

AHCA PPE Donning Video – 4/7/20

University of Nebraska PPE Donning Video – 4/8/20

IDPH Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Long-Term Care Webinar Recording – 4/6/20

IDPH Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Long-Term Care Webinar Presentation Slides – 4/6/20

IDPH Guidance for Iowans to Sew Cloth Gowns for Healthcare Providers– 4/5/20

IDPH Use of Homemade Gowns for Patient Care When Commercially-produced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is Unavailable – 4/5/20

IHCA Media Statement – PPE Donations Encouraged – 4/3/20

IDPH Personal Protective Equipment Guidance – updated 4/1/20

IHCA FAQs, PPE, Exposure, Screening and Testing – 3/31/20

IHCA Simple PPE Calculator – 3/31/20

CDC Burn Rate Calculator – 3/31/20

IDPH Use of Homemade Face Masks with Face Shields for Patient Care When Commercially Produced PPE is Unavailable – 3/31/20

IDPH Guidance for Iowans to Sew Homemade Masks for Healthcare Providers – 3/31/20

IDPH Guidance for Face Mask/Respirator Extended Use and Re-use – 3/31/20

Emergency Management County Coordinators – Contact regarding PPE needs – 3/26/20

AHCA PPE Donation Request Template – 3/26/20

OHCA Tips to Conserve PPE – 3/17/20

HHS to Procure N95 Respirators to Support Healthcare Workers in COVID-19 Outbreaks – 3/4/20

FDA/CDC Take Action to Increase Access to Respirators, including N95s -3/2/2020

CDC Healthcare Supply of Personal Protective Equipment

CDC Guidance for Extended Use and Limited Reuse of N95 respirators in health care settings


CDC LTC Mini Webinar: Sparkling Surfaces – 4/28/20

CDC LTC Mini Webinar: Clean Hands – 4/28/20

EPA – List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 – posted 3/26/20

CDC – FAQs About Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Professionals Responding to COVID-19 – 3/21/20

FDA Provides Guidance on Hand Sanitizer – 3/20/20

CDC Hand Hygiene in Health Care Settings

Regulatory Reimbursement Staffing Testing Treatment Vaccine National Association for Home Care & Hospice Resources