HH COVID Crisis Response Toolkit

Response Checklists Employee Screening and Record Keeping Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

IHCA PPE Vendor Vetting Best Practices – 8/5/20

Vendors With PPE Supplies – last updated 8/4/20

IHCA: PPE Guidance for Long-term Care Employees – updated 7/7/10

University of Southern Maine’s Cutler Institute PPE Training Program and Flyer– 5/19/10

FDA COVID-19 Update: FDA Continues to Combat Fraudulent COVID-19 Medical Products – 5/7/20

IDPH PPE Shortage Order – updated 4/25/20CDC Strategies to Optimize the Supply of PPE and Equipment

CDC PPE Resource Information – 4/10/20

AHCA PPE Donning Guidance -4/7/20

AHCE PPE Donning Posters – 4/7/20

AHCA PPE Donning Video – 4/7/20

University of Nebraska PPE Donning Video – 4/8/20

IDPH Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Long-Term Care Webinar Recording – 4/6/20

IDPH Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Long-Term Care Webinar Presentation Slides – 4/6/20

IDPH Guidance for Iowans to Sew Cloth Gowns for Healthcare Providers– 4/5/20

IDPH Use of Homemade Gowns for Patient Care When Commercially-produced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is Unavailable – 4/5/20

IHCA Media Statement – PPE Donations Encouraged – 4/3/20

IDPH Personal Protective Equipment Guidance – updated 4/1/20

IHCA FAQs, PPE, Exposure, Screening and Testing – 3/31/20

IHCA Simple PPE Calculator – 3/31/20

CDC Burn Rate Calculator – 3/31/20

IDPH Use of Homemade Face Masks with Face Shields for Patient Care When Commercially Produced PPE is Unavailable – 3/31/20

IDPH Guidance for Iowans to Sew Homemade Masks for Healthcare Providers – 3/31/20

IDPH Guidance for Face Mask/Respirator Extended Use and Re-use – 3/31/20

Emergency Management County Coordinators – Contact regarding PPE needs – 3/26/20

AHCA PPE Donation Request Template – 3/26/20

OHCA Tips to Conserve PPE – 3/17/20

HHS to Procure N95 Respirators to Support Healthcare Workers in COVID-19 Outbreaks – 3/4/20

FDA/CDC Take Action to Increase Access to Respirators, including N95s -3/2/2020

CDC Healthcare Supply of Personal Protective Equipment

CDC Guidance for Extended Use and Limited Reuse of N95 respirators in health care settings

Disinfectants Patient Screening Protocols

Patient Screening Protocols

Patient Questionnaire Log Prior to Visit by Home Care– updated 4/29/20

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