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Iowa Center for Home Care Quality Campaign

Help the home care profession shine by participating in the ICHC Quality Campaign.

Rehospitalization Toolkit | Medication Toolkit | Satisfaction Toolkit

What is the Quality Campaign?

  • It’s a two-year effort to help home care providers focus on quality efforts that make a meaningful difference in enhancing the quality of care for their patients.
  • This campaign was developed by the Iowa Center for Home Care (ICHC) to provide free tools and resources to assist home health agencies with Certificate of Participation (COP) requirements to develop, implement, evaluate and maintain an effective, ongoing, agency-wide data-driven Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement (QAPI) program.
  • The campaign focuses on reducing hospital re-admission, improving patients’ ability to take drugs by mouth and enhancing customer satisfaction ratings.
  • To participate, ICHC members pledge to two of the three quality measures to enhance the quality of care for their patients.

Why Participate?

  • Be better prepared to meet the requirements of QAPI.
  • Differentiate your home health agency by further enhancing your care quality.
  • Gain more efficient use of scarce resources while providing quality care.
  • Minimize risks by improving risk management programs.
  • Increase staff retention by providing greater staff operational focus.
  • Boost customer referrals and recommendations for your agency.

What are the Goals?

Home care agencies participating in the campaign commit to completing at least two of the following goals:

  • Reduce hospital readmissions – Reduce home health patient re-hospitalizations to a goal of 15.8%. (Current Iowa average is 16%; National average is 15.8%) – View the rehospitalization toolkit.
  • Improve medication taking – Improve how often home health patients get better at taking their medications by mouth to 68% by 2020 and 70% by 2021. (Current Iowa average is 66.7%; National average is 66.7%) – View the medication toolkit.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – Increase the percentage of people who would recommend your agency to friends or family to 83% by 2020 and 85% by 2021. (Current Iowa average is 81%; National average is 78%) – View the satisfaction toolkit.

View Your Reports

To help track your progress, ICHC has created customized reports on each of the goals for each member home health agency.

Click here to view your customized quality campaign reports.

For More Information

For questions, contact Julie Adair at 800.422.3106.


Home Health Quality Campaign – Rehospitalization Toolkit

Home Health Quality Campaign – Medication Toolkit

Home Health Quality Campaign – Satisfaction Toolkit