2022 M. E. “Ed” Clark Long-Term Care Activities Programming Fund

Made possible by the Ed Clark family and Iowa Council of Activity Professionals (ICAP)



This new fund, designed to foster new and innovative activity programs in long-term care, is made possible by a memorial donation in honor of M. E. “Ed” Clark and the Iowa Council of Activity Professionals (ICAP).

Mr. Clark is the grandfather of Iowa Center for Assisted Living (ICAL) Board Member Stacy Hejda, who works with Healthcare of Iowa in Cedar Rapids. Mr. Clark was family oriented and believed in living life to the fullest. He enjoyed participating in many types of activities with his family and friends, including cooking, reading, fishing, walking, camping, playing cards and games and listening to music. He especially loved being outdoors and was a member of the Iowa chapter of the National Wildlife Federation.

In his later years, he enjoyed joining his granddaughter Stacy on visits to nursing facilities and assisted living programs and provided ideas and advice.

Two $1,000 awards will be granted in Mr. Clark’s honor in 2022 to implement a new and innovative activity program at an IHCA member nursing facility or assisted living facility. Funds can be used to purchase equipment and/or supplies needed to implement the proposed activity program.



Applicants must meet all the eligibility criteria below to apply for consideration:

  • Work for an IHCA or ICAL member nursing facility or assisted living program in good standing at the time of application and at the time the funds are awarded.
  • Submit a complete application form by July 30, 2022. Application form below.



  • The IHCA Foundation Board members and family members of M. E. “Ed” Clark will judge qualified applications. Two $1,000 awards will be issued in 2022.
  • Recipients will be notified in early September 2022.
  • Upon notification, recipients will be required to purchase approved items and provide receipts as proof of approved items purchased before funds will be distributed.



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2022 M. E. “Ed” Clark Long-Term Care Activities Programming Fund

Made possible by a memorial donation in honor of M.E. “Ed” Clark

Applicant Information


Employer Information

(must be employed with an IHCA or ICAL member company to apply)
Employer Address(Required)
Administrator/Director Name(Required)
What activities does your idea include? Include a brief description of your idea and the types of activities it would include. Include in your description the items you would purchase if awarded the fund. (50-75 words)
How would your idea directly benefit residents’ psychological and/or social needs, and how many residents it would it help? What additional benefits does your program provide above and beyond your existing activity programs? (75-100 words)
How would you implement and execute your idea? Describe your implementation plan. (75-100 words)
What outcomes do you hope to achieve with this program? How will you measure those outcomes? (75-100 words)
Is your organization committed to continuing this the program in the future? Describe the ways in which your organization will support the program’s ongoing success in the future. Can the equipment/supplies being purchased be used more than once? Will the organization commitment any of its own resources to keep the program going? (50-75 words)
I certify with my initials below that I meet all the requirements for the M. E. “Ed” Clark Programming Fund and that all the information contained herein is true and correct.