Iowa Health PAC

It is in times of greatest challenge that we must stand even stronger.

Never has long-term care faced such unprecedented challenges that threaten the future of our profession. Your leadership is needed to ensure Iowans continue to have access to the long-term care they need during this crucial time.

Contribute to the Iowa Health Political Action Committee (PAC) today.

Iowa Health PAC gives our profession the means to stand strong through even the most difficult times. The PAC provides the critical tools we need to ensure our profession is at the table when important decisions about long-term care are being made and helps support candidates for office who understand the long-term care profession and issues impacting long-term care.

In the midst of this health care crisis, Iowa Health PAC is even more important, and your support is needed more than ever before.

Contribute Now

View our Iowa Health PAC brochure here

Why Contribute

  • Helps to ensure that the long-term care continuum is at the table when decisions affecting the profession are made.
  • Supports legislators who understand the issues impacting long-term care, regardless of political affiliation. Levels of support are based on the candidate’s record.
  • Provides a coordinated effort to strengthen our political voice. Together, we are stronger.

Who Can Give

  • Any employee at a single facility, multi-facility, proprietary and nonproprietary IHCA, ICAL and ICHC member organization.

Recommended Contribution Levels

  • Multi-Facility Owner/CEO: $5,000
  • Independent Facility Owner/CEO: $2,500
  • Administrator: $1,000
  • Others: $100-$500

How to Contribute

  • Credit Card/PayPal: Provides an easy way to give. Make a one-time payment or set up a scheduled payment in seconds.
  • Individual Contribution Form: Allows your contribution to be spread throughout the year. Simply select the times of year and amounts you want to contribute.
  • Payroll Deduction Plan: Allows a corporation or facility to set up automatic deductions from individuals’ payroll checks to Iowa Health PAC.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH): Creates an electronic transfer directly from the individual’s bank account, much like an electronic bill pay.
  • IHCA Education Fund (527): Allows facilities to make a deposit in the IHCA Education Fund to support long-term care issue advocacy, instead of specific candidates or elected officials. For more information, email


  • Iowa Health PAC can only accept personal checks or credit cards per state regulations.
  • Corporate contributions cannot be accepted.
  • Contributions or gifts to Iowa Health PAC are non-refundable and not deductible charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Please do not seek reimbursement from your company for a political donation.
  • Political action committees in Iowa are regulated by Iowa Code Chapter 68A.102 and the administrative rules at Iowa Administrative Code Section 351, Chapter 4.
  • For more information about Iowa Health PAC or compliance with accountability and disclosure requirements, email