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Iowa Health Care Association’s (IHCA’s) Professional Consulting service provides IHCA members with expert facility-level MDS, EHR and quality consultation services from qualified specialists designed to improve quality and maximize reimbursement.

Available services

How to get started

Fill out the form below or contact IHCA’s Brenda Irlbeck at 800-422-3106 to learn more about these services, pricing and how to get started.

How IHCA Professional Consulting works

MDS + EHR Consulting

  • Provide access to your data. Interested organizations provide IHCA’s professional consultant with access to their Point Click Care (PCC) system.
  • Get a virtual assessment AND on-site consultation. IHCA’s consultant will first conduct a virtual evaluation of the organization’s data. From there, she will follow up with an on-site visit to present a personalized and customized plan to gain additional efficiencies – and revenue – from the MDS process. During the visit, you also have the chance to ask questions about your MDS process and EHR system and get expert answers on how to make the most of both.

Quality Consulting

  • Exclusive for Iowa Health Care Quality Partners Network members, quality consulting includes process and system reviews to help providers meet quality goals and metrics, with particular attention paid to specific contracted rehospitalization and infection control goals. IHCA’s consultant works with providers to formulate action plans and assist with implementation.


Lakeside Senior Care leveraged IHCA Professional Consulting to evaluate their MDS process.

“IHCA’s consultant streamlined our documentation to capture common events on MDS submissions to improve our reimbursement rates.” – Tiffany Manwarren, MDS Coordinator

IHCA’s consultant:

  • Identified accurate diagnoses codes to ensure precise formulation of acuity
  • Provided resources to be used for reference (time saver)
  • Assisted in improving Case Mix Index from 0.97 to above 1.0
  • Provided structured process for routine MDS completion

Iowa Jewish Senior Life Center leveraged IHCA Professional Consulting to better utilize their EHR system.

“IHCA’s consultant helped increase our efficiencies exponentially. With all the assistance she provided, she has saved our team hundreds of hours per month.”
– Angela Meyer, Administrator

IHCA’s consultant:

  • Improved medication pass times, while staying in compliance, adding ability for doctors to sign off on med passes in EHR
  • Revamped dietary assessments to be more efficient and accessible in EHR
  • Added charting to EHR for weekly skin survey assessments to streamline process
  • Improved documentation for behaviors prior to using medications
  • Established a program in EHR to automate restorative aide charting
  • Added admissions and discharges assessments to EHR, saving time and streamlining process
  • Created survey efficiencies by setting appropriate level of EHR access for surveyors

About our consultants

  • Daleen Seibold – Daleen is an MDS certified clinical reimbursement nurse with nearly 30 years of long-term care and MDS experience and a solid reputation for providing sound guidance and advice on the MDS process.
  • Kimber Larson – Kimber is the Director of Quality Solutions at IHCA and assists with providing consultation related to quality outcome improvement, as part of IHCA’s new Provider Solutions service line. She holds an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) from Iowa Central Community College and master’s of science in nursing (MSN) degree from Walden University.

What is IHCA Provider Solutions?

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How to get started

Fill out the form below or contact IHCA’s Brenda Irlbeck at 800-422-3106 to learn more about these services, pricing and how to get started.

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