Business Operations Careers


An accounting professional provides services that may include, but not be limited to, financial, accounting, payroll, human resources and accounts payable. They may also maintain trust accounting records, census information, medical billing and resident accounts receivable statements, wages paid to employees’ payroll and invoice processing for the facility.

Administrator or director

  • Nursing home administrators – Nursing home administrators supervise clinical and administrative affairs of nursing and rehabilitation facilities. Typical duties of nursing home administrators include overseeing staff and personnel, financial matters, medical care, medical supplies, facilities and other duties as specific positions demand. This position requires a four-year college degree and a state nursing home administrator license.
  • Assisted living directors – Assisted living directors manage, outline and coordinate services geared toward older adults who may require assistance with eating, bathing, taking medication and other basic functions. They oversee the day-to-day operations of assisted living communities and ensure that all staff are providing the best service possible. Directors supervise all security, transportation, and monitoring of needs at their location. This position typically requires a two-year college degree and assisted living certification, such as the IHCA Assisted Living Management Certification Course.
  • Home health administrators – Home health administrators supervise home health agency employees, including nurses who provide medical treatment, CNAs and home care aides who provide support services to in-home patients, and the agency’s office staff. As manager of the agency, the home health administrator is responsible for improving the quality of health care provided, ensuring the agency is in compliance with health care laws and regulations and overseeing financial expenditures. They also work on expanding the client base, negotiating with insurance companies and evaluating staff members. Employers’ requirements for the position may vary, but state regulations require a physician, RN or a person with training and experience in health service administration and at least one year of supervisory or administrative experience in home health care or related health programs.

Business office manager

A business office manager typically provides clerical, bookkeeping, financial reporting, human resources and accounting support to the leadership team and residents. They may also maintain trust accounting records, census information, medical billing and resident accounts receivable statements, wages paid to employees’ payroll and invoice processing for the facility.

Human resources (HR)

A human resources professional implements human resources systems, including effective staff recruitment and retention, benefits administration, human resources management programs, communication programs, conflict resolution, training and maintains compliance with applicable state and federal laws. They also mentor department supervisors on human resource related issues and programs.

Information technology (IT)

An informational technology professional oversees internal user networking/computer/phone support, as well as provides communication, documentation, maintenance and support of company computers, portable devices, etc. Experience in health care technology and HIPAA requirements will be a plus.

Marketing and sales

The marketing and sales professional is a central point of contact for all prospective residents, tenants and clients. They need the ability to develop a marketing plan and be comfortable talking with community groups, hospitals, physicians, prospective clients and family members in admissions, as well as providing support and education regarding payer sources such as Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances.


This position requires a polished and professional representative with clear and effective communication skills to greet and direct visitors and family members. Responsibilities may include phone reception, directing new admissions and family members, announcing building codes and facility emergency paging.