Resources for Facilities to Offer CNA Training

Applications shall be submitted to the Department of Inspections, Appeals and Licensing (DIAL) before a new program begins and every two years thereafter on Form 427-0517, Application for Nurse Aide Training. DIAL shall, within 90 days of the date of a request or receipt of additional information from the requester: 1) Advise the requester whether or not the program has been approved or 2) Request additional information from the requesting entity.

  1. 75-Hour Nurse Aide Program Application – Please fill this out in its entirety and email to The application is pre-populated with the curriculum title, textbook used and competency entity used.
  2. Certified Nurse Aide Handbook – This handbook from Alverno Health Care Facility is in Word format so it can be modified as needed.
  3. 75-Hour Calendar – Include this with your packet as is. Please do not change it.
  4. Chapter objectives (version 7) – Include this with your packet as is. Please do not change it.
  5. 7th Edition, How To Be A Nurse Assistant Course Syllabus
  6. Skills Checklist – This can go in the packet as is, or you can create your own or use this one with your own logo.
  7. Instructor Credentials – Include the resume of the registered nurse (RN) who will be teaching the 30 hours of clinical and 15 hours of lab time, and a screen shot of the Iowa Board of Nursing website showing they have an active, unrestricted license.
    The following are the requirements to teach: The training of nurse aides shall be performed by or under the general supervision of an RN who possesses a minimum of two years of nursing experience, at least one year of which shall be in the provision of long-term care facility services. Instructors shall be RNs and shall have completed a course in teaching adults OR have experience teaching adults OR supervising nurse aides. In a facility-based program, when the director of nursing is an RN, the training of the nurse aides may be performed under the general supervision of the director of nursing for the facility. The director of nursing is PROHIBITED from performing the actual training. Other personnel from the health professions may supplement the instructor. Supplemental personnel shall have at least one year of experience in their fields.
  8. CNA Checklist – Include this in the front of the packet to make sure everything is included.
  9. Steps Required to Start a New CNA Online Class – Once you have submitted items 1-6 to the DIAL and are awaiting approval, please follow the steps in this PowerPoint with Academic Platforms to begin to get the template made for your facility for the online curriculum.