Activities Assistant

Knowledge, abilities, skills The Activity Assistant must have the following:

• Skills in crafts, music, etc.
• Knowledge of various patient activities
• Genuine interest in and liking for people
• Awareness of need for developing and maintaining interest of the group.
• Willingness to work with elderly and mentally ill residents having limited capacities and various ailments.
• Tact, sympathy, patience, and understanding
• Considerable initiative and judgment in adapting programs to the needs of individual residents or the group, in securing the cooperation of the residents and personnel
• Ability to work well with others.

Duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Activity Assistant are listed below:
• Lead or assist in activities
• Plan and organize activities in cooperation with the Activities Coordinator/ Designee
• Assist in creating a home-like atmosphere in the health care facility
• Participate in outdoor activities such as patio picnics, trips, and family buffets and parties
• Report to work when scheduled
• Carry out and follow all facility personnel policies
• Perform and satisfactorily complete all daily assignments
• Remain on the assigned unit, leaving only for break, lunch or with the express permission of the supervisor
• Notify the Charge Nurse of any change in resident’s condition
• Participate in all in-service training and meetings as required
• Read widely in the field of recreational and group activities
• Assist in establishing a work area and maintain a safe, clean working environment.
• Assist with resident transports for scheduled appointments and outings
when applicable.
• Perform any other service pertaining to the activities program that may be directed by the Activities Coordinator/ Designee.

This is not a complete job description

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