CDM (Certified Dietary Manager)

Job Title: Certified Dietary Manager Department: Nutritional Services
Supervisor: Administrator Position(s) Supervised: Dietary Cooks/Dietary Aides
FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt Revision Date: 03/01/2017
General Job Summary:
Demonstrates and promotes participative leadership and provides oversight of the Dietary department by building relationships, acting with integrity and humility, modeling the way, listening with the intent to be influenced and embracing change.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Dietary Manager is responsible for a number of duties as listed below. All of these duties are considered essential functions unless otherwise noted. The Dietary Manager is responsible for the direction and supervision of preparation and serving of meals for residents and guests throughout the facility. The Dietary Manager is responsible for the sanitary condition of the dining room and kitchen areas and quality of food served to residents and guests.
Duties and Responsibilities
 Establish and revise dietary policies and procedures in cooperation with the Director of Nutritional Services.
 Plan work schedules (and assign hours and areas of work) to ensure adequate service in all areas of the department. Direct and supervise all Dietary functions and personnel.
 Maintains up-to-date shift and position availabilities in the interest of recruitment opportunities.
 When necessary assist in interviews, selection, hire, evaluation, and termination of Dietary personnel. Maintain appropriate documentation for employee files and Business Office according to established procedures.
 Maintains precise record of hours worked at all times for all Dietary personnel to ensure correct expenditure for the Dietary department.
 Prepares payroll and provides to the Accounting Specialist at the expected end of pay period times.
 Follow all Food Safety guidelines as set by Servsafe/Food Safe Handing (i.e. labeling and dating opened foods, food storage, temps, proper hand washing, gloves, hair nets, sanitizing, transporting foods, temperatures.)
 Provide residents with necessary adaptive equipment to enable prolonged self-reliance.
 Plan and prepare menus for distribution according to the regular and modified dietary needs of residents. Process diet changes from the nursing unit.
 Purchase food and supplies as required according to menus: verify incoming food and supplies and direct storage activities.
 Coordinate Dietary service with other departments as needed.
 Assist planning and preparation of special meals for Fridayfest, parties, banquets, etc. in cooperation with the Directors.
 Participate in interdisciplinary care planning conferences: may document on patient charts under the supervision of the Director of Nutritional Services.
 May perform food preparation, cooking, serving, and cleaning duties as needed
 Attends daily standup and committee meetings as scheduled.
 Responsible for the training and orientation of new department employees.
 May be asked to take on the duties of the Director of Nutritional Services in their absence.
 Maintain resident information and Fountain West internal affairs in strict confidence
 Follow Fountain West policies concerning personal grooming, appearance, and appropriate dress code requirements
 Preserve resident dignity by always knocking on resident room doors before entering.

 General Qualifications
o Good physical and mental health.
o Sound judgment and high moral standards.
o Sincere desire to work with the aged and those with limited capacity for self-care.
o Ability to organize and plan dietary service department schedule.
o Must be well-groomed, courteous, tactful, patient, kind and pleasant when dealing with patients.
o Must be level-headed in emergency situations.
o Must report to work at the scheduled time as set by the Director of Nutritional Services.
o Must be self-motivated and have an acute sense of responsibility.
o Must possess a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm in order to create an atmosphere conducive to rehabilitation and growth.
 Education
o High school diploma or G.E.D. required
o Must have completed or be willing to complete the 90 hour Food Service Supervisor certification or the 250 hour Certified Dietary Manager program and/or ServSafe Training including courses in food management, dietary planning, food purchasing, cost and inventory control
o Must be able to read, write, speak, and follow oral and written communication in English

 Continuous Education
o Keeps current in the Fountain Health Centers’ policy and procedures through attendance at meetings, conferences, conventions, and workshops: reading current literature in relation to this position.
o It is the responsibility of the Dietary Manager to meet all continuing education requirements whether internal or external mandated by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals or DMA if so certified.

 Work Experience
o Previous experience preferred
o Sound knowledge of menu planning, diet therapy, food production management, and personnel management needed
o Strong knowledge of purchasing procedures and budget planning as well as understanding of basic cost accounting principles and budget planning required.

Physical Activity Requirements:
 Lifting Requirements
o The Dietary Manager is frequently called upon to lift items while performing general supervisory duties.
 Carrying Requirements
o The Dietary Manager is frequently required to carry various supplies and equipment.
 Sight Requirements
o The Dietary Manager is required to have 20/20 corrected vision.
 Hearing Requirements
o The Dietary Manager is required to have normal range of hearing, as corrected

Working Conditions:
 Must communicate with medical staff, other department heads, nursing personnel, and patients and their visitors.
 Subject to frequent interruptions and called upon frequently to handle employee and resident issues related to Dietary.

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