Director of Nursing

Personal Qualifications: Directors of Nursing have a strong desire to relate to and work with the elderly. They possess high personal integrity, a caring attitude and portray a positive image. Directors of Nursing find fulfillment in building personal relationships and caring for personal needs. They are committed to doing whatever it takes to enhance the dignity in people’s lives.

Professional Qualifications: Directors of Nursing must be licensed in their practicing state as an R.N. and have a current C.P.R. Certification. Directors of Nursing have the ability to read and write well enough to follow written directions, do charting and resident assessments. Verbal communication skills are important to carry on conversations with residents, co-workers and visitors in an understandable manner. Directors of Nursing are continually learning and growing by participating in educational sessions, inservice training and demonstrations.

Physical Requirements: Directors of Nursing understand the physical nature of their jobs and realize they need to:

* pass a physical exam.

* lift, push, pull and move residents, equipment, supplies, etc.

* lift a maximum of fifty (50) pounds several times each work day.

* lift twenty-five (25) pounds consistently.

* be able to move and stretch in such a way as to be able to reach areas above their head and below their waist.

* be able to push and pull a cart requiring twenty-five (25) pounds of force.

* bend, stoop and twist almost constantly throughout the day.

* see and hear well enough to take blood pressure, chart, read thermometers, etc.

* remain active and on their feet for up to four (4) hours at a time.

Key Result Areas:

· Consistently uses the Vetter Health Services Mission, Vision and Values to guide everyday decisions and actions.

· Demonstrate a consistently positive, respectful and constructive attitude with both residents and staff.

· Demonstrate initiative, active problem solving and a continual desire to improve customer service.

· Provide quality nursing services to meet the physical, psychological, spiritual and restorative care needs of each resident, based upon your licensure and certifications.

· Create and maintain an environment which allows each resident to adjust to their limitations and recognize the dignity and worth of each individual.

· Participate in in-service educational classes and meetings directed at improving your ability to meet the needs of the residents.

· Maintain and follow established safety precautions and infection control procedures when performing day-to-day responsibilities.

· Know, understand and perform responsibilities that meet regulatory and company standards.

· Serve as an effective teacher, model, and consultant for other staff.

· Guide and direct the work of other team members to ensure quality life and quality care are being provided.

· Be a reliable and positive member of the facility’s team.

· Create a cooperative working relationship with other departments.

· Serve on the facility’s Quality Council and be responsible for implementing Total Quality Principles in the facility.

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