Part-time Afternoon Personal Service Assistant (PSA)


Under the supervision of a RN, the Personal Service Assistant assists older people who are
functionally, physically, and/or socially impaired and need 24-hour oversight. The Personal
Service Assistants role is to assist tenants with those activities of daily living that they are unable
to perform without help, fostering at all times tenants’ independence and freedom of choice. All
responsibilities will be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the philosophy of assisted
living. This position is responsible for delivery of quality service, promoting good public relations,
and for upholding the mission and standards of the facility.


Each individual Tenants Service Plan identifies specifically what areas they are requesting
assistance in. Below is a breakdown of those areas; additional duties may be added as necessity
arises to met each tenants needs.


Activities of Daily Living
1. Perform activities of daily living per company policies & demonstrated competency.
2. Assist tenants with dressing & undressing (clothing should be appropriate for the season).
3. Assist with the selection of clothing
4. Assist tenant with bathing
5. Assist with personal hygiene (shaving, dental hygiene, nail care, foot care) activities.
6. Assist with mobility devices (cane, walker, wheelchair, crutches) including monitoring of safe
transfer and ambulation techniques.
7. Assist in the care of ADL devices such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aides
8. To assure resident stafety

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
1. Provide assistance with telephone (assists with calls, phone repairs, hearing & vision
adaptive devices) activities.
2. Provide assistance with housekeeping tasks such as vacuuming, empting trash, cleaning
bathroom, bed making, and bed change as assigned.
3. Provide assistance with laundry tasks, as assigned.
4. Escort & encourage tenants & coordinate internal transportation needs; i.e. meals/activities.
5. Assist with mail delivery and personal correspondence (if requested).

Health Maintenance & Monitoring Tasks
1. Observe and report changes in tenant’s physical condition and cognitive/emotional status to
RN Program coordinator, as needed.
2. Conduct room checks and resident rounds.
3. Monitor environmental safety hazards.
4. Record incidents, errors, or accidents in accordance with facility policy and federal, state
and local regulations.
5. Record tenant and tenant related events in accordance with facility policy and federal,
state and local regulations.
6. Monitor and record health, behavior and miscellaneous needs of tenants and communicate
information with other staff members and management.

1. Assist in a variety of tasks related to dining (escort tenants to dining room, open condiment
packets, cut up meat, etc.)
2. Serve tenants their meals.
3. Prepare breakfast meals per tenants request.
4. Wait on tenants while they dine (fill water, get coffee, re-heat meal, etc.)
5. Clean up kitchen and dining room area after meals per cleaning schedule.

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