Registered Nurse

Knowledge, abilities, skills Registered Nurses must have the following:

• Knowledge related to nursing such as: medications and
biological, physical, social, and medical needs of residents
• Good physical and mental health.
• A sense of responsibility and leadership
• A pleasant personality appropriate for working effectively with visitors, residents and staff.
• Ability to read, write, and communicate in English.
• Be able to understand the needs of and have a desire to help the elderly and handicapped.
• Ability to maintain good working relationships with others, including coworkers, residents, and families.
• Desire to continue to improve education in geriatrics, leadership, and managerial skills.
• Ability to grasp new procedures
• Ability to use good judgment in determining the needs of residents.
• Ability to exercise initiative in resident care, directing the work of subordinates and fulfilling other required duties as assigned by the supervisor.
• Capacity to be supportive of and adaptable to change.
• Ability and desire to carry out and follow all facility personnel policies.

Duties and responsibilities

The Registered Nurse has an overall responsibility for resident care in the facility. All of the following duties are essential unless otherwise noted:

• Evaluate resident needs, conditions, and care, and assist in developing nursing care plans for individual residents, including rehabilitative and restorative activities and instruction in self-help.
• Communicate with family members regarding the condition and progress of the resident, including in-person discussion and answering of telephone inquires.
• Assist the physicians in rounds, reviewing physicians’ orders, ordering medications, maintaining resident’s charts, and transcribing physicians’ orders, as assigned.
• Organize and plan staff meetings.
• Prepare orientation and training programs for new employees in the unit.
• Assist the Director of Nursing Services with implementation of policies and procedures for the unit.
• Make daily rounds to evaluate emotional and physical needs of residents during the tour of duty.
• Notify the physician and family of incidents or changes in the condition of a resident.
• As the evening/night charge nurse, defrost the refrigerator in the medication room once a month.
• As the evening/night charge nurse, ensure that bed-pan cleaning and pick-up are done appropriately by assigned personnel weekly.
• Participate in all in-service meetings and CEU’s as required.
• Carry out and follow all facility personnel policies.
• Assist with resident transports for scheduled appointments and outings when applicable.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Nursing Services.

This is not a complete job description***

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