RN Assisted Living Director

General Job Summary

The Program Director is responsible for the supervision and administration of quality care for the program. The Program Director must possess a comprehensive knowledge of general nursing, theory and practice, including basic knowledge related to nursing such as drugs, biological, physical, social, and medical sciences, and their application for a better understanding of tenant-care problems. Good memory and excellent communication skills are required. The Program Director will assist in maintaining a physical, social, and psychological environment which will be conducive to the best interest and welfare of the tenants.


Education: Position must be filled by a graduate of an accredited school of nursing and must possess and be

responsible for maintaining a current license with the Iowa Board of Nursing. Registered Nurses or

Licensed Practical Nurse is required. Applicants with advanced training in geriatrics preferred.

CPR certification required.



Requirements: It is the responsibility of the Program Director to meet all continuing education requirements, whether internal or external, that are mandated by the Iowa Board of Nursing or the employer. Failure to maintain a current license with the Iowa Board of Nursing will result in termination. Must attend in-services offered in the program.


Experience: At least one year’s experience in a caring for the elderly is preferred. Experience in which

administrative and supervisory ability has been demonstrated is preferred.


· Exposure to general care environment.

· Exposure to moderate temperature variations.

· Exposure to pharmacological preparations, biologics, potential biohazard materials including blood and other bodily fluids.

· Exposure to medical sharp objects.

· Moderate exposure to cleaning solutions, perfumes, dyes, etc.

· Extended hours may be required.

· Moderate noise levels.

· Very frequent work interruptions.

· Work in group or teams required.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Program Director has an overall responsibility for tenant care in the program. All of the following duties are essential unless otherwise noted:

Evaluation of tenant needs, conditions, and care, and assist in developing nursing service plans for individual tenants, including rehabilitative and restorative activities and instruction in self-help, notifying medical doctor and family regarding change in condition of tenant.
Communication with family members regarding the condition and progress of the tenant, including in-person discussion and answering of telephone inquiries.
Reviewing physicians’ orders, ordering medications, maintenance of the tenants’ charts, and transcription of physicians’ orders.
Requisition of the necessary supplies, equipment, linens, emergency drugs, and other materials to meet the program needs. This also requires that the Program Director be responsible for making sure the equipment is in good working order.
Maintains records, including charting duties and maintenance of narcotic records.
Arranging the schedules, appointments, and transportation necessary for tenants in connection with diagnostic, therapeutic, dental, or other services.
Responsible for the admission, discharge, or transfer of tenants.
Oversees hiring of nursing and other departmental employees for the program.
Responsible for work assignment of individuals with authority to make changes and revise duties in order to meet tenant needs. Responsible to ensure that staff members complete assigned duties.
Responsible for assisting in finding replacement for nursing staff shift when off duty.
Responsible for authorization overtime, disciplining employees and recommendation of termination. Assisting Administrator with employee evaluations for all employees in all departments. Where necessary, the Program Director is to provide counseling to employees on performance improvement.
Assist with orientation and training programs for new employees.
Assist the Administrator with implementation of policies and procedures for the program.
Make daily rounds to evaluate emotional and physical needs of tenants.
Ability to reasonably conform to all rules and policies of the program.
Answer call lights promptly.
Provide privacy of tenants at all times.
Follow up on all PRN’s administered.
Know all policies and procedures.
Practice infection control techniques; good hand washing, gloves, and disposal of infectious wastes and needles.
Notify funeral homes when tenants expire.
Assist with transfers, repositioning and ambulating as determined in the tenants service plan.
Check restraints and positioning as determined in the tenants service plan.
Report census changes to the Administrator each shift.
Coordinate communication between each department about cleaning beds and rooms when tenant is hospitalized or expires.
Notify dietary department of diet changes, tenants who wish to eat in room, tenants out of the program for meals and tenants who are NPO.
Notify family or responsible party of tenants needs.
Check for expiration dates on all medications.
Notify hairdresser of requests for perms and haircuts.
Do weekly summary of treatments and measure all open areas as determined in the tenants service plan.
Consultation with dietician, activity director and administrator as needed.
Call therapist with new orders. Follow up with therapist recommendations as determined in the tenants service plan.
Call Pharmacies with changes in medication orders.
Do vitals as necessary.
Knowledge of use of blood sugar monitor devices.
Report any alleged adult abuse to the Administrator.
Answer phone and take messages.
Report necessary information to the Administrator.
Give information report to the next shift.
Label all bottles and vitals when opened.
Clean up spills and messes.
Mark personal belongings when necessary.
Keep utility rooms neat and orderly.
Fill out transfer sheets, make copies of med sheets, living will and POA for health care.
Dispense medications per physician orders, routine and PRN’s. This includes oral, rectal, subcutaneous injection, IM injections, eye drops and ear drops and inhalers as determined in the tenants service plan.
Collect specimens; sputum, urine, stool, and cultures of various areas as determined in the tenants service plan.
Do all treatments as ordered by physician as determined in the tenants service plan.
Notify physician regarding change in tenant’s condition; incidents; admission, discharge and death.
Responsible for administering emergency first aid and CPR. Do not do CPR if tenant has signed a DNR.
Respect Tenant Rights.
Comply with Adult Abuse Policy.
Comply with all laws governing Protected Health Information.
Access to Protected Health Information:
Medical Charts
Nursing Documentation
Medication and treatment records
Payer source
This is NOT an all inclusive list of job duties or responsibilities for the Program Director.
Other duties assigned by the Administrator and Corporate Nurse.
Physical Activity Requirements

Lift Requirements

Program Directors will constantly be called upon to lift equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds. Occasionally, nurses will be required to assist with lifting tenants requiring lifting of over 50 pounds.

Carrying Requirements

Program Directors will frequently be required to carry objects including charts and equipment of up to 15 pounds. Program Directors will occasionally be called upon to carry equipment up to 30 pounds.

Sight Requirements

Adequate to perform the duties of the position.

Hearing Requirements

Adequate to perform the duties of the position.

Socialization Requirements

Program Directors are required to work with all other persons in the department and the ability to get along with residents, families and to socialize with others in the department is essential. In addition, the Program Director is responsible for hands-on tenant service requiring an ability to meet and deal with the tenants and their families. Excellent communication and socialization skills are essential.

Other Physical Considerations

Program Directors will frequently be called upon to perform twisting, bending, crawling, squatting, kneeling and crouching duties. Program Directors must be mobile in all tenant/tenant areas.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $60,000.00 per year


Dental insurance
Health insurance
Paid time off
Vision insurance
Medical Specialty:


Monday to Friday

BLS Certification (Preferred)
RN (Required)
Work Remotely:


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The Suites of Ankeny

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