Duties and Responsibilities:
The RN / LPN is responsible for a number of duties as listed below. All of these duties are considered essential functions unless otherwise noted.
v Carries out administrative and patient care duties as directed.

v Abides by department policies and procedures and interprets them to personnel, patients, medical staff, and public.

v Gives and receives report. Answers telephone inquiries. Takes and transcribes physician’s orders.

v Assists orientation, instruction, and supervision of other nursing personnel.

v Evaluates patient needs, condition, and care. Assists head nurse in developing nursing care plans for individual patients including rehabilitative and restorative activities and instruction in self-help.

v Admits and orientates new patients and relatives when required. Checks identification.

v Checks physician’s orders, transfer, and pre-admission information. Reviews patient’s medical and social history. Requisitions and arranges for diagnostic and therapeutic services as ordered by patient’s physician from departments within the facility or from outside facilities. Orders prescribed medications, requisitions supplies and equipment. Sends diet orders to dietary department. Assembles patient’s chart-check to see that all permits, authorizations, releases, and other required forms are attached. Transcribe physician’s orders to patient cardex, medication unit dose cardex, diet lists, OT and PT schedules, etc.

v Periodically reviews patient’s care plans.

v Requisition supplies, equipment, linens, emergency drugs, etc. to meet unit needs. Sees that equipment is in good working order.

v Maintains unit records. Performs charting duties as required. Maintains narcotic records. Completes required unit or medical chart forms as required. Maintains census report.

v Schedules appointments and arranges for transportation of patients to other departments or facilities and clinics for diagnostic, therapeutic, dental or medical services.

v Discharges or transfers patients. If patient is to be transferred to another facility, arranges for this transfer and completes required forms.

v Performs, supervises, and assists with patient care according to outlined policy and procedure, such as AM and PM care and ward duties.

v Checks patient’s chart for specific treatment and medication orders. Carries out or assigns duties to other personnel.

v Makes rounds, takes and records vital signs as required. Checks and gives medications, does treatments, and performs other professional services as ordered or required.

v Gives emergency treatment when required and notifies physician of emergency and takes and carries out physician’s orders.

v Assists physician with rounds and assists with examinations and treatments. Orders medications and maintains resident charts. Reviews patient care plan with physician. Notifies physician of automatic stop orders on specific medications. Notifies physician of changes in patient’s condition and any unusual or abnormal observations.

v Carries out restorative and rehabilitative programs for patients. Instructs patients in self-help, self-care. Instructs relatives in home care and rehabilitation. Carries out pre-discharge program for patients.

v Attempts to fulfill spiritual and psychological needs of patients.

v Directs and may assist with department cleaning and care of equipment and appliances.

v Continues professional growth. Attends in-service meetings, professional meetings, institutes, and workshops.

v Responsible for work assignment of individuals in the nursing area with authority to make changes and revise duties in order to meet resident needs, ensure that staff members complete assigned duties.

v Assist with employment evaluations for all employees in department where necessary, provide counseling to nursing assistants on performance improvement.

v Assist the Director of Nursing with implementation of policies and procedures of the unit.

v Maintain resident information and Fountain West internal affairs in strict confidence.

v Assist with training and orientation of new department employees.

v Follow Fountain West policies concerning personal grooming, appearance, and appropriate dress code requirements.

v Preserve residents dignity by always knocking on resident room doors before entering.


v Provides professional nursing service for patients while following established policies and procedures.

v Quality of nursing care

v Accuracy and promptness in carrying out orders

v Care and use of supplies and equipment

v Adequate maintenance of unit records

v Cooperation with other personnel

v Treating patient information as confidential material
v General Qualifications

o Good physical and mental health

o Must have a sincere desire to work with the aged and infirm

o Must be willing to perform non-professional duties

o Must be well-groomed, courteous, tactful, patient, kind and pleasant when dealing with patients

o Must be level-headed in emergency situations

o Must have an acute sense of responsibility

o Must possess a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm in order to create an atmosphere conducive to rehabilitation and growth

v Education

o Must be a graduate of an approved school of nursing

o Membership in a professional organization preferred

o Must have current registration in this state

v Continuous Education

o The House Supervisor must attend in-service meetings, professional meetings, institutes, and workshops

v Work Experience

o Experience in a supervisory capacity preferred

o 6 months experience in med surge preferred

o Administrative and supervisory experience preferred

Physical Activity Requirements:
v Lifting Requirements

o The House Supervisor is frequently called upon to lift charts and equipment weighing up to 10 pounds. The House Supervisor will constantly be called upon to lift equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds. Occasionally, House Supervisors will be required to assist with lifting residents weighing up to and exceeding 160 pounds.

v Carrying Requirements

o The House Supervisor is regularly called upon to carry objects, including charts and equipment of up to 10 pounds. The House Supervisor occasionally will be called upon to carry equipment up to 25 pounds. Carrying in excess of 25 pounds is not required.

v Sight Requirements

o The House Supervisor is required to have 20/20 correct vision.

v Hearing Requirements

o The House Supervisor is required to have normal range of hearing, as corrected

v Other Physical Requirements

Working Conditions:

v Must deal with patients and public on personal basis under all conditions

v Must handle emergency situations, give emergency care, and give reassurance to patients and relatives

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