Social Worker

Knowledge, abilities, skills The Social Worker must have the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

• An interest in working with the elderly
• Exhibit tact, patience, sympathy and understanding.
• Ability to assess the social and economic aspects of resident care.
• Be able to identify changes in affect, behavior or personality, such as depression, anxiety, withdreawal or uncontrolled aggression and report these to the Director or Nursing Services.
• Be able to identify modifying treatment for positive response.
• Be able to communicate with community resources.
• Assist in formulating, implementing and evaluating the resident’s overall plan of care.

General Job Summary

OptimaeLifeServices Mission Statement:
The Mission of Optimae LifeServices is to offer comprehensive, customer driven services which encourage choice, empowerment and community integration. The Social Worker is a designated staff member who is suited by training and/or experience to arrange for social services and to integrate social services with other elements of the overall plan of care. The Social Worker is responsible for attaining or maintaining the highest feasible physical, mental and psychosocial well-being of each resident. The Social Worker is responsible for complying with and interpreting to the residents, as necessary, the state and federal regulations for nursing homes concerning resident rights and facility policies.

Duties and responsibilities

• Help plan, develop, organize, direct, implement and share the required expertise to meet the social and environmental needs of each resident and their families.
• Help to create and maintain a warm, caring, respectful, positive and calm atmosphere and environment at the facility.
• Prepare a social assessment and assist with the overall plan of care for each resident which identifies medically related social and emotional barriers and the potential for discharge.
• Document progress in the social progress notes for each resident as required.
• Provide information and participate in the interdisciplinary care conferences for each resident.
• Notify and encourage residents to attend care conferences.
• Direct and coordinate the admission and discharge procedure with residents, families and staff.
• Introduce the new resident/resident representative to the admission process and the resident’s bill of rights so the resident/resident representative can be informed and ready to complete forms and agreements upon the day of admission.
• Make sure all items on the admission checklist are completed.
• Assist in orienting the resident and family to the facility.
• Discuss with each resident/resident representative the need to identify advance directives concerning who should assist with making health care decisions or what health care decisions should be made in the future if the resident is no longer able to make his or her own decisions.
• Document the existence and enclose a copy of any advance directives for a resident in the resident’s medical record. Send a copy of an advance directives to the resident’s physician and family. Review advance directives with the resident/resident representative annually.
• Prepare a discharge plan and social history on each resident.
• Organize and lead social groups.
• Assist residents in sustaining family and community relationships.
• Offer assistance in resolving adjustment issues.
• Meet on a 1:1 basis with those residents who are isolative.
• Notify the resident’s family of personal needs-clothing, fans, etc.
• Maintain a good working relationship with area agencies and contacts.
• Assist with in-service programs for staff.
• Attend and participate in continuing education programs as required.
• Serve as a member of the Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Committee (QAPI) by monitoring and evaluating the quality and appropriateness of the care provided by social services.

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