Trio Nurse Consultant

Serve as a liaison between TRIO Pharmacy Services and community staff by providing nurse consulting services to long term care communities such as providing education and audits to ensure the nursing community is meeting regulatory requirements.
• Audit medication carts/rooms for expired drugs or discontinued drugs.
• Inform nursing staff to order refills and/or destroy medications as appropriate.
• Research current standards, therapies, and other topics as it relates to nursing for pharmacies and long-term care communities.
• Observe skilled nursing community medication pass process and provides feedback.
• Assist in new business start-up implementation when necessary.
• Perform mock surveys.
• Plan and conduct pharmacy related nursing education to include wound care, medication administration education, competency assessment activities, and other related topics.
• Develop and maintain relationships with professional organizations and national/state agencies to enhance knowledge base relative to pharmaceutical therapies and education.
• Conduct nursing related education and pharmacy staff education to include intravenous therapy, wound care, and other related topics.
• Assist in development and implementation of nursing training classes on various topics.
• Any and all duties as assigned.

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Trio Pharmacy Services

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Rachel Seidenstricker




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