Storm Disaster Recovery Resources for Impacted Members

Yesterday, severe storms ravaged most of the state, creating substantial property damage, leaving over 200,000 Iowans without power, and leading to the Governor declaring several Iowa counties as disaster areas. IHCA estimates that as of this morning, 254 member providers are located in counties with power outages of 25% or more.
The Iowa Health Care Association (IHCA) is currently working with state officials to mobilize state outreach to facilities in areas affected by yesterday’s storms. While we do not yet know the full extent of the damage, we do know that our members are well versed in responding to such natural disasters. You have likely dealt with power outages before, during a spring or winter storm. However, we also know that these are already difficult times, and a dealing with the aftermath of a severe storm in the middle of a national health pandemic is an unprecedented challenge.
To help you navigate this latest disaster, the IHCA has developed the following August 10 Storm Response Guidance for its members:
IHCA August 10 Storm Response Guidance:
  • Notification & Reporting: If your facility has been impacted by the storm, reach out to your local Emergency Management Coordinator immediately to notify them and to share your support needs.  You can find your county coordinator here. Local and state officials are working together to respond. You are also required to notify the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA) about damage to facilities within 24 hours. Per Iowa Administrative code 481-50.7(2), a facility must notify DIA within 24 hours or the next business day when damage to the facility is caused by a natural or other disaster. IHCA recommends notifying DIA if your facility has experienced any impeded operations (e.g., water in building, damage to building etc.). It is not necessary to report downed trees or loose shingles unless it impairs operations. Document your discussions with these officials and any guidance you receive.
  • Transfer Agreements: Several facilities have been forced to evacuate and transfer residents to other facilities. If you need to transfer residents due to storm damage or power outages, or if you are able to receive transfers from other facilities impacted by the storm, review your transfer agreements prior to completing the transfer. If you need to transfer or receive transfers of COVID-positive residents, also determine if the facility receiving the resident can accommodate COVID-positive residents. If you encounter a situation where you are unable to accommodate for COVID-positive transfers, contact the DIA and IHCA for additional guidance.
  • Emergency Plan Reviews: Please review your emergency preparedness and disaster plans to ensure you have implemented all necessary components of the plan. Anticipate what additional steps you may need to take if the power outage at your facility is longer lasting.
For questions or assistance with this guidance, please contact the IHCA’s Mary Jane Carothers or Krissa Mason at 800-422-3106.
Additional Assistance for Employees
Governor Reynolds has also issued a disaster proclamation for the counties of Boone, Clinton, Dallas, Johnson, Marshall, and Story. If your employees live in any of these counties, and their residences were impacted by the storms, they may also be eligible for additional state assistance.
View the disaster proclamation here.